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Lakers star Russell Westbrook slapped with harsh ‘John Wall’ possibility if trade fails

Russell Westbrook, John Wall

Trading Russell Westbrook has proven to be quite a daunting challenge for the Los Angeles Lakers. This obviously has a lot to do with the gargantuan contract he currently has, with opposing teams unwilling to take on such a significant cap hit for a player like Russ.

At this point, the possibility of Westbrook staying in LA beyond this offseason is becoming increasingly feasible. It now feels like the Lakers have been left with no other choice but to start the new campaign with Russ on their roster. This isn’t exactly the most ideal scenario for LeBron James and Co. given how Westbrook’s first year with the Lakers didn’t exactly go according to plan.

If the Lakers are unable to offload the former league MVP this summer, an anonymous NBA agent believes they should do a “John Wall” on him (via Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report):

“They’re better without Russ, and he won’t come off the bench. Good luck with that. He’s going to b—h and moan. He thinks he’s the Russ of old,” the agent said. “‘John Wall’ him and take time… to know what they need before jumping in. The team can’t lose this trade, and everyone knows it. Trading just to trade is an awful mentality.”

For his part, John Wall finally found a new home with the Los Angeles Clippers this offseason. It didn’t come easy for him, though, with his former team, the Houston Rockets, opting to have him sit out the entire 2021-22 season amid their inability to find a trade partner for the former All-Star.

This is what the unnamed source is suggesting for the Lakers. Instead of having him play this coming season, the agent suggests that LA would be better off if they took him out of the rotation entirely. It’s an undeniably drastic move, but if the Lakers turn out to be a better squad without Russell Westbrook, then this could actually be a workable solution to this dilemma.