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Shaquille O’Neal reveals how Kobe Bryant will make his NBA comeback

Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal

With LeBron James now donning the purple and gold, former Los Angeles Lakers big man Shaquille O’Neal declared that his former partner-in-crime Kobe Bryant is about to make a return.

In PodcastOne Sportsnet’s The BIG Podcast with Shaq, the big man spoke about the rumor he was spreading about Bryant making a return to the Lakers.

He explained his claim, noting that he knows the parties involved. He explained that from a business standpoint, a James jersey besides a Bryant jersey would big business:

“Yes, because I know all the parties involved. Let’s talk about the Lakers parties. There’s already excitement with LeBron coming here. I don’t know how ticket sales are – boom, boom, boom. But if you make that announcement – ooooh – the Kobe jerseys and LeBron jerseys, side by side – a little package. It’ll explode. Right?”

He added that Bryant could probably play just 15 to 20 minutes a night. James can simply drive to the hoop and kick it out to him. The fourth quarter, however, will be all his.

But in the event of Bryant’s return, it would definitely leave a big dent on the Lakers’ salary cap. O’Neal, however, believes that Bryant will accept just a veteran minimum:

“No he would probably get the veteran league minimum.

“However, he can get money on the side. You know, he just started that VC venture fund. If he did that, and did that, and won. Phewwww.”