Lakers news: Shaquille O'Neal reacts to Dwight Howard's LA resurgence
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Shaquille O’Neal reacts to Dwight Howard’s Lakers resurgence


After Dwight Howard’s terrible first outing with the Los Angeles Lakers, not even Shaquille O’Neal thought that the team’s desperate DeMarcus Cousins replacement wouldn’t result in anything positive. The journeyman center has been a problematic figure for the teams that have played him since leaving the Purple and Gold.

However, the basketball gods have a way of surprising people. Howard is performing really well for the Lakers. Shaq has seemingly thrown out all the previous slander he threw Dwight’s way after the Hall of Fame center was named to Howard’s All-Time Lakers starting unit.

Dr. O’Neal had some nice words to say to Howard as he shared the video.

These two players have a lot of history, and not all of them were good memories. He didn’t consider Howard as a true center during the early 2010s due to the latter’s preference to the pick-and-roll compared to his era of imposing post players.

Moreover, he had a lot of fun clowning on Howard whenever he got the chance. He was offended when he called himself Superman. He and Kobe bonded over their dislike for Dwight before the season began.

However, the winds have changed ever since Howard put up solid numbers. It’s still early days in the season, but he’s averaging 6.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 1.3 assists on the Lakers. He’s also a great fit on the system Frank Vogel is running on, and his physical condition is a telling sign that he’ll be a solid contributor throughout the season.

Fans shouldn’t think the beef between the two is over, though. Once Dwight starts acting up again, Shaq will be the first person to drag his name through the mud.