Skip Bayless thinks Kyle Kuzma is becoming another Isaiah Thomas
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Skip Bayless thinks Kyle Kuzma is becoming another Isaiah Thomas

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NBA analyst Skip Bayless has become famous for his dislike towards superstar small forward LeBron James and anything related to him. Even with James’ move to the Los Angeles Lakers, that distain hasn’t just stopped, but has carried over to his new teammates, as Bayless has bizarrely claimed Lakers young gun Kyle Kuzma is taking on the same demeanour point guard Isaiah Thomas employed when he played alongside James for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Kyle Kuzma is starting to turn into, dare I say, Isaiah Thomas. … This started to come across like, ”Bron and I got this. Me and ‘Bron are going to shock everybody.'”

At this point nothing Bayless says in relation to James can be taken too seriously, as his unjustified dislike towards him is puzzling to say the least, but making forceful assumptions about an innocent comment made by a 23-year-old definitely is questionable.

For what it’s worth, Kuzma may present a valid point that many NBA fans and analysts alike are guilty of by undervaluing and underestimating the Lakers for this upcoming season. If we look back in recent history, James himself is worth roughly 15 wins alone when he joins a franchise, and after coming off arguably the greatest offensive regular season and postseason campaign of his career, that trend doesn’t look like stopping any time soon.

The Lakers also had the most loses in the association by less than 15 points last campaign, meaning they were very competitive in many of their defeats. Further, those defeats were mainly due to a lack of execution and experience down the stretch of games, something they now have an abundance of with the arrival of the world’s best player. They also acquired basketball savant Rajon Rondo, who is another expert in game management and can steer the young Lakers in the right direction come crunch time.

All in all it won’t just be Kuzma and James running the show in Hollywood. Unlike last season with the Cavs, James can now lean on reliable young talent to help him collect wins along the way, and it looks like Bayless won’t be very happy about it.