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What separates LeBron James from the rest of the NBA


At 35, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is still widely considered as one of the best players in the game today. Doc Rivers, head coach of the Lakers’ cross-town rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers, could not agree more.

According to Rivers, the one thing that separates James from every other superstar in the league is his unmatched basketball IQ.

“There’s a lot of people in the league with LeBron’s body,” Clippers’ coach Doc Rivers said, via Rob Goldberg of Bleacher Report. “There’s no one in the league with his brain.”

LeBron has always been seen as a supreme athlete with a god-given talent that is second to none. His unique combination of size, strength, and elite jumping ability are just some of the physical tools he possesses that makes him so good. However, as coach Rivers pointed out, there are already a lot of other players in the league that might be go toe-to-toe against LeBron physically, but few, if any, can match him mentally.

That’s quite a compliment coming from Rivers, who was more than willing to sing the praises of James despite him being the best player on the team considered to be the Clippers’ fiercest rivals.

The Lakers and the Clippers faced off just a few days before the league was suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus. It was LeBron and company who took the crucial victory, giving them the upper hand against Rivers’ Clippers as the season went into an extended hiatus.