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Rumor: Lakers “all but assured” to land Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, or Kemba Walker next summer

Kawhi Leonard, Lakers, Spurs

The Los Angeles Lakers are in great position to land another superstar to pair alongside LeBron James. Maybe not this offseason, but by 2019 it’s “all but assured” according to David Aldridge of TNT:

“With James on the ground in L.A., the Lakers are all but assured to get one of the group of elite players who’ll be unrestricted in 2019 — Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, Kemba Walker or someone else who shakes free or is otherwise available.”

The 2019 free agent class should be huge. With players like Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson, and Kemba Walker possibly on the move, the dynamic of the NBA could change drastically.

The Los Angeles Lakers are always an attractive destination for free agents. LA has great weather and a storied franchise. Now that they signed LeBron James, they’re going to be a legitimate contender out West.

The roster probably isn’t quite ready to take down the Golden State Warriors, but the addition of Leonard, Thompson, or Walker would make them much more of a threat to the Golden State dynasty. If the Lakers believe one of these stars will sign in 2019, they may be less inclined to force a deal with the Spurs for Leonard.

Although missing the NBA Finals would be strange for James, the Lakers’ best bet may be to play out this season with the young pieces they have and hope to land a major free agent next offseason. Unfortunately, this means they won’t be able to compete with the Warriors in 2018-19, but they would be in great shape the following season.