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Lakers staff thought Lonzo Ball was out of shape in workout

lonzo ball

Numerous clouds of smoke have formed upon the opinion the Los Angeles Lakers have of UCLA standout Lonzo Ball — some say they love him, others not so much.

The projected No. 2 prospect of this year’s draft did impress during his June 7 workout with the purple-and-gold, but some present during his run claimed he seemed clearly out of shape, according to Mark Medina of the Orange County Register.

Ball didn’t shy away from his exhaustion during the session, claiming that “drills get you tired” — something that could cost him dearly when working out alongside some of the draft’s best prospects.

While most scout teams will not overreact to one or two poor aspects in a player, conditioning is such an integral part of basketball, that it’s pretty much expected to always be there by any organization.

Even if Ball is a sure fit for his home town fit, the Lakers would have no problem trading down and taking another guard in this talent-rich draft class, as they’ve reportedly eyed North Carolina State point guard Dennis Smith Jr. who has impressed nearly everywhere he’s gone.

Other reports have put it as bluntly as Ball failing to impress the Lakers, but it’s likely that the truth lies in the middle of both — not quite disappointing, but also not impressing by any means of the imagination.

Lonzo Ball will have to show far more than his God-given talents in order to force the Los Angeles front office to do a massive overhaul at the guard position in order to draft him No. 2 overall.