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Video: Lakers crowd erupts with love as Dwyane Wade enters the game

dwyane wade

In a rare instance, the Los Angeles Lakers crowd erupted with love for an opponent. But it all made perfect sense as it was Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat that they cheered for, who’s in his final season tour.

Wade checked in at the 7:19-mark of the first quarter. Check out the clip below where the Staples Center crowd welcomed him with a warm applause.

It’s Dwyane Wade’s final game against the Lakers at Staples Center. Before the season began, he announced that this year will be his Last Dance as he intends to hang up his jersey for good after several years and garnering tons of accolades.

Yet more than his final duel with the purple and gold, it was also his last match-up with LeBron James — his former teammate and best friend. In their stint with the Heat, they snagged two championship rings and became one of the best duos of all time.

Some have tagged Dwyane Wade as the third-best shooting guard of all time. A high remark given that the top one and two are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. The crowd over in Los Angeles just wanted to see a final glimpse of a legend at work.