Lakers video: Kobe Bryant on what makes Kyle Kuzma such a force
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Video: Kobe Bryant on what makes Kyle Kuzma such a force

Kyle Kuzma

Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma has been grabbing the headlines this season for his impressive rookie year. The 22-year-old has been praised for many things, from his confidence to his competitive spirit, traits which have likely helped contribute to his early success.

But according to none other than Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, Kuzma’s curiosity has been the single best trait he’s shown during his early NBA career.

“He’s exteremely articulate and very inqusitive. I think that’s the best trait to have, is curiosity. Because you want to know why things work. You want to know why things happen and how things happen. When you have that kind of curiousity, you’re constantly seeking for ways to improve, mentally, physically. That’s the thing that jumped out at me the most.”

Bryant likely found out about Kuzma’s inquisitive nature firsthand when they had dinner together a few weeks ago. Curiosity is not exactly an identifiable trait for a casual observer, so Kobe sheds a new insight into Kuzma’s character by sharing that observation.

Kuzma’s curiosity and his desire to keep finding out new things bode well for the Lakers, who obviously want their prized rookie to not rest on his early-season laurels but to keep improving as much as possible.