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Video: Snoop Dogg gives fair assessment of Lakers’ situation

snoop dogg

The Los Angeles Lakers are known for their history and prestige, so it comes as no surprise that even prominent names in Hollywood are certified Laker fans; take Snoop Dogg for example.

The hip-hop icon bleeds purple and gold and he’s always been vocal about his thoughts on what the Lakers need to do every season to win a championship.

TNT’s Kristine Ledlow caught up with Snoop Dogg during the Lakers’ home game against the Golden State Warriors and asked about his assessment of the Lakers so far this season.

“I think we’re alright. I like our core, I like the way the fellas are gellin’ right now. I like how we try to figure it out without LeBron, so when LeBron does come back, it should be a little bit more easy,”

Snoop Dogg’s assessment of the team is fairly accurate. Prior to LeBron James’ injury, the Lakers were the fourth best team in the Western Conference. However, the team has only won five of the 13 games James has missed.

The team’s young core has been impressive over the past two games, taking both the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets to their limits, winning against the former and losing to the latter, both in overtime.

Aside from James, Los Angeles is also without guards Rajon Rondo and Lonzo Ball, who are also sidelined due to injuries.

The team is expected to bring back James and Rondo anytime soon, while Ball will miss at least four to six weeks.