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Bold predictions for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in Week 15 against the Jets

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is dealing with a quad injury, but all signs still point toward him playing in Week 15 against the New York Jets. Jackson is the front-runner for MVP and most believe he will have another big game against a Jets defense that hasn’t been strong. Let’s look at three bold predictions for Jackson’s game against the Jets.

3. Jackson runs for at least 70 yards

Even with a quad injury, Lamar Jackson should have no issue running wild in this game. New York’s defense hasn’t been good against running quarterbacks, even the ones who aren’t mobile. Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t exactly known as a running quarterback, but he made the Jets look silly this past weekend.

Fitzpatrick finished the game rushing seven times for 65 yards. If Fitzpatrick can rush for 65 yards on this defense, there is no reason Jackson can’t have a bigger game, even with an injured quad.

This is a game where Jackson is going to have one of those signature runs that wows everyone and is all over SportsCenter.

2. Jackson throws for under 160 yards

In each of the last three games, Lamar Jackson hasn’t reached 170 yards passing. In this game he is going to be under 160. This isn’t saying Jackson is going to have a bad game, but the game plan is going to call for a lot of running from both Jackson and the Ravens’ running backs.

Just two games ago against the San Francisco 49ers, Jackson rushed 16 times and Mark Ingram rushed 15 times. This is going to be a run-first game plan, which is going to limit the passing yards for Jackson.

1. Jackson doesn’t throw for any yards in the 4th quarter

One of the big reasons why Lamar Jackson won’t be throwing for more than 160 yards is because the team isn’t going to need him to do it. The Jets are not a good team, so this one is going to get out of hand early.

Remember earlier in the season when the Ravens beat the Houston Texans 41-7 and followed it up the next week with a 45-6 victory over the Rams? The score might not be that out of hand, but it’s still going to be a blowout.

That is going to lead to Jackson sitting out the entire fourth quarter, which is good because it’s going to give him extra time to rest up his quad so he won’t have to risk injuring it even more.