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Lance Stephenson botches alley-oop opportunity with LeBron James


Lance Stephenson of the Los Angeles Lakers may have been a little too fancy as he botched an alley-oop pass to LeBron James on Wednesday evening.

As posted by The Action Network, below is a clip featuring the Lakers on a potential highlight play.

As observed, Rajon Rondo unleashed a fullcourt pass which landed right in Stephenson’s hands. James, who was trailing the play, was seemingly ready to rise for the alley-oop. But Stephenson may have been a little too excited as his behind the back pass hit all air.

James is well-capable of catching bad passes and turning them into highlight reels. But Stephenson’s pass was way too far for a superhuman to reach.

But the play, though botched, represents the Lakers’ playstyle this season. They opt to run whenever an opportunity arises. That’s why some have tagged them as Showtime 2.0. This is just one of their few lowlights given a fastbreak possibility.

And running a fastbreak seems like a high-risk, high-reward type of play. They are running a play at a very quick pace where they need to make extremely quick decisions. The result, if they complete the basket, is a whole lot of momentum on their side. If they fail, however, it could momentarily break the budding energy. It happened to the Lakers, after all.