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Identity of screaming Pacers lady in ‘The Last Dance,’ revealed

Last Dance, Michael Jordan, Bulls, Pacers

“The Last Dance” provided the internet with multiple meme-worthy moments. One of the latest viral images, from Episode 9, captures a particularly fired-up Indiana Pacers fan throwing colorful language at Chicago Bulls players during the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals, which the Bulls won in seven games.

The woman who hurled a healthy “IN YOUR F***ING FACE” at the Bulls’ bench isn’t named Karen, as so many people joked, but it’s close. Her name is Kathy Martin Harrison, whose family has owned Pacers tickets for 44 years. Based on Scott Agness’ report in The Athletic, that type of passion from her was not out of the ordinary.

Turns out, Martin Harrison has a distinguished history interacting — and even forming relationships — with opposing players, including Joe Dumars and Patrick Ewing. A Milwaukee TV station even wanted to mic her up for a game

She’s still a regular attendant at games, but says the league has cracked down on that type of fan behavior:

“Oh my gosh, I do miss those days. We do feel like we made a difference in some of those games because we were allowed back then to constantly be yelling and just bantering,” Martin Harrison said. “When I go to my seats, I get nervous if I even just stand up…We’re not allowed to say a single thing to the players.”

Tracy Kornet, a Nashville news anchor and the mother of current Bulls player Luke Kornet, initially caused some confusion by jokingly claiming the fan was actually her:

“I was just kidding,” she clarified. “That is not me. It looks exactly like me though…Luke now plays for the Bulls, but I have learned how to control myself. He would be mortified.”

The images of Kathy Martin Harrison screaming will certainly go down as one of the most unintentionally hilarious moments of “The Last Dance.”