Last Dance news: Jerry Reinsdorf claims Michael Jordan's Bulls wouldn't have won No. 7 title if they ran it back
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Jerry Reinsdorf claims Michael Jordan’s Bulls wouldn’t have won No. 7 title if they ran it back

Jerry Reinsdorf, Bulls, The Last Dance

Chicago Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf is mostly pleased with how ESPN’s 10-part docuseries The Last Dance portrays Michael Jordan and the Bulls of the ’90s throughout the highly acclaimed series.

Yet Reinsdorf does have a bone to pick with the ending of The Last Dance, when Jordan suggests the Bulls should have run it back  for a chance to win title No. 7. For starters, Reinsdorf is adamant that running it back wasn’t in the cards. But even if they did bring everybody back, the Bulls owner doesn’t think they would have won No. 7:

“Overall, I thought it was really good,” Reinsdorf told Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic about The Last Dance. “It was basically accurate. I think it showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that Michael is the greatest player of all time. My only objection to it was giving the impression that there was a way of keeping this team together after the sixth championship, which I think was not possible. But even if we had kept it together, we wouldn’t have won. If you really watched the last show with objectivity, you would see that we barely won. We barely got through the season.”

The final 10 minutes of The Last Dance Episode 10 leaves a bit to wonder, as Reinsdorf is asked how the 1997-98 team came to crumble down by the end of that offseason. Reinsdorf claims role players getting too expensive due to a rise in their market value, an inconvenience that would have made it difficult to bring them back.

Jordan argues in The Last Dance that he and his teammates would have happily signed one-year deals to get another chance at a fourth straight title. The megastar thinks running mate Scottie Pippen might have needed some convincing, but ultimately he would have stayed, a point of contention for Reinsdorf.

The Last Dance shows a mentally and physically exhausted Jordan after he poured in 45 points in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals, doing most of the heavy lifting for an injured Pippen.

While Jordan might have found some renewed motivation to chase a fourth straight ring, The Last Dance keeps it a mystery if his teammates — especially a disgruntled Pippen — would have been willing to go through the wringer once again to add to his hardware collection.