Last Dance news: Kevin McHale disagrees with Jerry Krause portrayal as villain
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Kevin McHale disagrees with Jerry Krause portrayal as villain

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Former Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause has become one of the most polarizing characters of late because of his portrayal in ESPN’s “The Last Dance” docuseries. In the first few episodes, it has been made clear that Krause played a pivotal role in the demise of the Bulls dynasty.

Boston Celtics legend Kevin McHale has weighed in on the matter. And for his part, the Hall of Famer believes that the documentary may have been unfair in their portrayal of Krause.

“Jerry kind of looked like a villain, and he’s not a bad guy,” McHale said in an interview on ESPN’s The Usual Suspects radio show, via Anthony Duckett of Space City Scoop. “He really wasn’t a bad guy. He was pretty easy to deal with as a GM when I dealt with him. He did put together a heck of a team. I do think there was too much of everybody ripping him because [Michael Jordam] wasn’t his pick.”

There are are few people who have come to the defense of the embattled Krause. So it’s actually great to hear a different perspective from McHale here.

The former Celtics big man went on to admit that he actually feels bad for Krause.

“I almost felt bad when I saw how he was portrayed,” McHale added. “Jerry’s not that bad of a guy, he really wasn’t. I actually enjoyed him. That was not the best portrayal, especially for a guy that’s passed away and has no say in it. That kind of saddened me a little bit.”

There are still six episodes to go before “The Last Dance” ends. And hopefully, the series is able to also focus on Krause’s good side moving forward.