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Latrell Sprewell says his Spinner sneakers are making a comeback in 2018

latrell sprewell, knicks

Latrell Sprewell’s unforgettable Spinner sneakers are set to make a comeback, and fans of the iconic shoes don’t have to wait for long as the former NBA All-Star announces that it will hit retailers in 2018.

The DaDa Supreme Spinners, which featured tiny rims that spun on the side of them, were launched back in 2001 and instantly became a huge trend during a time when there’s nothing cooler than spinning rims.

It’s been long since the shoes have been available in stores, but that’s about to change with Sprewell himself confirming the return of his signature sneakers.

Sprewell’s twitter account has been suspended for unknown reasons, but before it was inaccessible, he mentioned that Reebok — not DaDa — will take over in the retro release of the Spinner shoes. The former New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, and Minnesota Timberwolves standout even specified it will be for sale on January 1, 2018, per a screenshot of his tweet obtained by Uproxx.

Reebok hasn’t confirmed Sprewell’s announcement yet, and there are still no other details regarding its return. Nonetheless, judging by the reaction of fans, it will likely be popular, especially because of the nostalgia it would bring.

It’s not the first time the 47-year-old flaunted the idea of his Spinner sneakers making a comeback as he once discussed it during an appearance on Kevin Garnett’s “Area 21.” The difference now, though, is Sprewell seems confident about its actual return.