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LaVar Ball served with lawsuit over Big Baller Brand products

LaVar Ball is nothing if not a stellar marketer of the Big Baller Brand he has created. The company has no advertising budget, and yet he finds a way to get it displayed places, his sons wear all the gear, and he even managed to use the name as on official brand on a tournament in Lithuania, where his two younger sons play.

But it looks like the Big Baller Brand might not be as baller as once thought.

Ball has been sued for failure to pay for some services he bought from an embroidery and screening company, per A.J. Perez of USA Today Sports.

LaVar Ball was served with a lawsuit at his Southern California home last month and has yet to pay any of the $25,000 owed to an embroidery and screen-printing company that worked on Big Baller Brand products, a lawyer in the case told USA TODAY Sports.

It gets worse. Apparently, the owner has tried multiple times to collect, and Ball has seemingly all but ignored him, per Perez.

“We tried for about three months,” the owner said of his attempts to recover what was owed. “They said they would make payment about seven times. They just kept pushing it back and kept pushing it back.”

This is obviously a bad look for Ball’s company and its overall brand. The company was recently given an F by the Better Business Bureau, and there are some that believe the entire Big Baller Brand is nothing but a con job.

Ball needs to turn around the image of his company, and fast.