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Lavoy Allen is the only player the NBA 2K team remembers joking that his rating was too high

With the gradual rollout of the new NBA 2K18 ratings, a handful of players have expressed their displeasure with how low they think the game rated them.

The fact that NBA players think their rating is too low isn’t much of a surprise. These athletes are generally incredibly confident people who think very highly of their skills, as they should. After all, there are only 450 NBA roster spots available at any given time.

It would be much more surprising if an NBA player thinks his rating is too high. And according to Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype, the game’s ratings expert, Michael Stauffer could only recall one player admitting his rating was unjustly high: Lavoy Allen.

“Lavoy Allen is the only player I’ve ever seen or heard of who said that his rating is too high,” Stauffer said with a laugh. “He may have been joking. But, as far as I know, he’s the only player who’s said that.”

Lavoy Allen was given a 75 rating in the game, which is a bit generous if you’ve ever seen him play. The lumbering big man is not very impressive to look at, which is probably why he’s still a free agent at the moment.

But in a league full of overstuffed egos, good on Allen to have the self-awareness and the sense of humor to admit he probably isn’t that good.