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LeBron James’ Redeem Team or Michael Jordan’s Dream Team? Mike Krzyzewski weighs in

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Legendary NCAA coach Mike Krzyzewski has shared his two cents worth on the debate about LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. Sort of. To be more specific, Coach K weighed in on which icon’s Olympic team he believes stands out more between MJ’s 1992 Dream Team or LeBron’s 2008 Redeem Team.

The long-standing Duke coach made an appearance on JJ Redick’s “The Old Man & the Three” podcast, and was asked which team he felt would have won in a hypothetical seven-game series.

Krzyzewski had this to say:

In Coach K’s mind, under the presumption that everyone was healthy, he had no doubt that the Dream Team would have dominated that series. The 73-year-old then went on to speak about how great that ’92 Team USA team really was:

“In their prime you’re talking about 11 Hall of Famers and the greatest team,” he started. “That was the first time the NBA came to the Olympics and there was a visionary moment by [then league commissioner] David Stern and the NBA. It was an atomic bomb for the global world of basketball. Those guys were rock stars there. They were such gentlemen. They represented us so damn well. The NBA of the ’80’s built the NBA of who you are today. We didn’t have a culture for USA Basketball. They brought their culture to USA Basketball for that moment, and it didn’t stay after that. It was a moment in time.”

Krzyzewski was actually part of the coaching staff of the Dream Team, and he had a first-hand experience of working with what is considered by many as the greatest basketball team ever assembled. LeBron and the Redeem Team were one of the best as well, but in Coach K’s mind, they would not have fared well against MJ and Co.