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LeBron James rumors: Earl Boykins says LeBron will never play for New York Knicks

LeBron James

Watch out, here’s an Earlbomb or a Boybomb. Whichever you want to call it, we present to you a hot take from former NBA point guard Earl Boykins, who made an appearance on the Hastings and Browman Show and said that LeBron James is never ever going to come to play for the New York Knicks (h/t Chris Thompson of Deadspin).

“Trust me, [LeBron] will never, ever play for the New York Knicks. I have insider information. He will never, ever play for the New York Knicks.”

First of all, when was the last time you have heard of Earl Boykins before this?

The 42-year-old Boykins was last seen plying his trade on an NBA court way back in 2012 for the Houston Rockets. Coincidentally, his last NBA game came against the LeBron James-led Miami Heat, scoring a point and adding an assist and a rebound in 14 minutes of a 97-88 loss in South Beach in April. Since then, Boykins never hooked up with another NBA team.

Now, he’s seemingly resurfaced to inadvertently hurt Knicks fans’ feelings by prophesying that the greatest player of this generation would not bite the temptation of playing in the Big Apple.

LeBron James is expected to fetch a huge deal in free agency, assuming of course that he ditches his $35.6 million player option to stay in Cleveland for the 2018-19 season.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers are two of the top candidates to lure the four-time MVP, but there are other dark horses in the race to get the services of James – just not the Knicks, according to Earl Boykins.