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Paul George is someone that James would like to play with

lebron james, paul george

LeBron James has perhaps the one decision that will affect the rest of his NBA career taking place within the next few weeks, but as it appears, his choice of teammates hasn’t changed much from last season.

The King is reportedly still fond of a partnership with lanky wing Paul George, who will also become a free agent this summer — now able to join him as a possible member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I think that would be the guy he wants to play with,” said ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, according to ESPN Los Angeles.

McMenamin has covered James for quite a while with the Cleveland Cavaliers and has some good grasp on his preferences. The fact that he singled out Paul George means this is likely a wrap for Cleveland, who played all season on borrowed time.

The Lakers have everything lined up, including the royal carpet for The King to walk on — the lifestyle, the cap space, and a front office that is hellbent on a Showtime renaissance in this modern era.

Unlike other suitors, Los Angeles has no pieces to move, already prepped to let the ink dry as soon as James commits, while the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, and Houston Rockets would have to move around contracts to either free up cap room or allow him to fit into the rotation.