LeBron James rumors: Scottie Pippen chimes in on LeBron-to-LA speculation
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Scottie Pippen chimes in on LeBron James-to-Lakers speculation

Scottie Pippen, LeBron James

NBA legend Scottie Pippen has shared his thoughts on the LeBron-to-LA drama.

Speaking with Rachel Nichols at The Jump, Pippen addressed the rumors that LeBron James’ eldest son has enrolled in one of the high schools in Los Angeles, which also happened to be where Pippen’s son is studying, too.

The former Chicago Bull admitted that he had to make a few calls after hearing of this rumor. And according to Pippen:

“From what I’m hearing, nothing is official yet.”

Nichols added that she’s is against involving a player’s son (doesn’t matter who your dad is) with regard to such rumors. Not only is it creepy, but the son gets involuntarily involved in the drama.

But since Pippen — who has enough credibility on the matter — was in the show, Nichols believed that it was okay to discuss it.

Pippen continued:

“We just wait. LeBron will make a decision.”

Below is the full video:

Indeed, the James free agency drama is getting hotter by the minute. More and more fingers are pointing towards the Lakers, being that they have enough cap space to accommodate him and also have the young talent to boot.

But as they always say, anything can happen in the NBA. We can only speculate at this moment in time. Like most good things, it should be worth the wait.