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Let’s not overreact to Clippers’ supposed chemistry issues

Going into the 2019-20 NBA campaign, the Los Angeles Clippers were touted by many as the favorites to win the championship. And it was obvious why.

The Clippers added Kawhi Leonard and Paul George over the summer, slapping them on to a roster that already included rottweilers like Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley.

The defense looked unstoppable at first glance. And the tandem of Leonard and George appeared to be one that would wreak havoc on the league.

And in a way, those things have happened.

With their big win over the Miami Heat on Friday night, the Clippers are a robust 32-14 on the season. They’re one game behind the streaking Utah Jazz for second place in the Western Conference.

But somehow, some way, negative headlines have usurped the Clips.

Apparently, there has been some friction in the locker room due to the organization’s supposed preferential treatment of Leonard and George. The latter of whom missed the first month after recovering from a pair of offseason shoulder surgeries. He’s also been sidelined the last eight games due to a strained hamstring.

The way Los Angeles has handled the minutes and availability of Leonard and George (you know, the whole load management thing) is rumored to have been rubbing some teammates the wrong way. Which has led to some questioning whether or not the Clippers can get everything in order for the playoffs. Even though they are 32-14 with Leonard and George each missing chunks of time.

See how silly that sounds?

Why Clippers’ Drama Won’t Matter Come Playoff Time

Yes, the Clippers have had some rather ugly moments thus far. But they are winning more often than not. They have beaten the Los Angeles Lakers in both of their meetings and have looked outright dominant in many of their wins.

If you don’t think this team will be ready come playoff time, you are either a.) kidding yourself, or b.) a Lakers fan.

I’m not denying that some internal problems exist. What I am saying is that this squad is so talented that it ultimately won’t matter in the end. Especially when they’re steamrolling towards a title.

We have seen this with teams before. Yes; sometimes, it derails them (e.g. the 2018-19 Boston Celtics and the 2003-04 Lakers), but other times, it means nothing come May and June.

All that matters is that Leonard and George are healthy for the postseason. The Clippers are clearly taking measures to ensure that they are.

Once the playoffs roll around, nothing that happened during the regular season is going to matter. And all of the talk about the concern for LA is going to look pretty foolish.

Again, think about this: for all of the “problems” that the Clips are supposedly having, they have won nearly 70 percent of their games. And that’s without having a full team for most of the year.

The regular season is merely a tune-up for the Clippers. Once late April hits, we will all see that.