The Lie System is an important part of Lies of P. While not evident at first, whether or not you tell a lie will factor into the game's story. Here is the reason why in Lies of P, it's imperative that you lie.

Why Should You Lie in Lies of P?

In Lies of P, all puppets are subject to the Grand Covenant. Part of the Grand Covenant states that puppets cannot lie. It also says that puppets are not supposed to hurt humans, yet here we are. The main character of the game, Pinocchio, is a special case. Not only can he tell lies, he is also capable of willingly killing humans, as he's forced to in some parts of the game. However, while being able to lie is there, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should lie, does it?

Well, in Lies of P, it's imperative that you lie at every opportunity you get. In the game, lying is a defining factor of what makes one human, and the more lies Pinocchio makes, the closer he gets to becoming a full-fledged human. However, the player will only be able to unlock the True Ending of the game if they lied at every opportunity. Thankfully, it's very obvious which among the two dialogue options is the lie whenever the prompt appears.

With that being said, the only reason why you should tell the truth in the game is if you want to see how it affects the conversations Pinocchio has with NPCs, or if you want to see the bad endings.

Lies of P is a phenomenal game that gets what makes Soulslikes work. Read our Lies of P Review for a closer look at what makes the game preeminent for its genre.

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