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Life Is Strange: True Colors will let you play arcade machine cabinets

Arcade game over Life Is Strange True Colors key visual

Life Is Strange True Colors just got a new trailer, showing off the picturesque setting of the game set in Colorado.

The latest “Welcome to Haven Springs” trailer for Life Is Strange True Colors painted a better picture of Haven Springs, Colorado. Narrated by one of the in-game characters, Steph Gingrich, the small town is enthusiastically introduced to us. Like a true local, Steph shows us around and tells us what we can do and who we meet in the game. She shows us where to eat, listen to music, hang out, and even where the spring festivals are held.

However, what caught our attention the most in the Life Is Strange Haven Springs trailer are the numerous arcade machines that you seemingly can play with in the game’s local pub. Games such as Arkanoid: Battle with DohTurbo Kart: Grand Prix, and Breakout featured in the trailer. Who knows what other games we probably could play! There’s even a foosball table that you can play with. “Challenge me in a game of foosball,” Steph proudly says in the trailer. Are you up to the challenge?

While Life Is Strange is mostly a narrative-driven game, it’s nice to have some side activities like this. Whether or not it’ll be to your liking, the good part about them is that they’re entirely optional. You can simply just ignore them – or seriously burn your time playing them. Your choice.

Life Is Strange True Colors releases on September 10, 2021, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Stadia, and the Nintendo Switch.