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Life-sized Joel Embiid balloon animal up for trade on Craigslist

Joel Embiid

There’s been so much buzz surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers of late not only because of the promise that their young roster brings this upcoming season, but also because of the magnetic personalities of their players, particularly starting center Joel Embiid.

Embiid’s goofy and down-to-earth demeanor has captivated many Sixers fans, with one such fan going as far as making a balloon animal in the form the seven-foot Cameroonian. Last month, an unnamed user on Craigslist posted an ad on the site’s barter page offering to trade a life-sized balloon animal of Embiid in exchange for some woodworking tools.

Here’s a snapshot of the final product:

Joel Embiid

(c/o Craigslist)

The Craigslist user also elaborated that he can turn almost anything out of balloons and does not seek money in exchange for his latest creation. Rather, the latex-and-helium extraordinaire only asked for “[A] jointer/planer, Miter saw, A better miter gauge for my table saw, Impact driver, Router bits or accessories and Oscillating multi-tool.” in exchange for the inflated version of the Sixers superstar as means to expand his crafting repertoire.

This comical rendition of Embiid has not been traded away yet as of this writing. But with word starting to spread fast regarding this marvelous find on the internet’s grey market, it won’t be long before somebody will “process” a transaction and take home a piece of balloon modeling history.