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Lil B credits The Based God for Thunder’s collapse

The Oklahoma City Thunder were eliminated from the Western Conference Finals after being up 3-1 against the Golden State Warriors, only to lose in Game 7. NBA media circles picked up on an odd but ongoing story that’s been around for a few years. Let’s go through the origin until now.

One day Kevin Durant posted a tweet about a rapper named Lil B after listening to his music questioning how he’s relevant and calling him a “wack rapper”. This sparked a the original curse for the Based God.

Durant agreed to meet Lil B on the court for a game of 21 after being challenged on Twitter, but it never happened. Since then, he has since lost James Harden as a teammate, broken his foot, dealt with numerous team and personal setbacks, and has been unable to get back to the NBA Finals since the Thunder lost to the Heat in 2012. It’s definitely not easy to win, nor is it a guarantee, but this has spurred a flurry of memes on the internet, both when the Thunder lose a close game, or if they don’t advance through the playoffs, it always comes back to Lil B.

Surprisingly enough, the Thunder made it past a streaking San Antonio Spurs team that won 67 games this year seemingly without much trouble, and Lil B tweeted again as they started the Western Conference Finals.

Lil B apparently wasn’t totally kidding, even if it looks like a joke, because he sent out a follow up tweet claiming that Durant was “still cursed” and wouldn’t beat the Warriors.

It gets interesting here because afterwards, the Thunder rallied to take a 3-1 series lead. It’s rare in the NBA that a team comes back from being down in this manner, and it looked just like the Warriors’ historical season was about to be lost forever.

That didn’t stop Lil B yet and still as he posted two final tweets, with the latter being his big Aha! After OKC went 3-1, Lil B tweeted:

The Thunder proceeded to lose the next three games to the Warriors, falling apart at the end of each game, making bad decisions, untimely turnovers, and bickering among themselves in  Game 7, eventually succumbing to the Warriors and losing the series 4-3. Lil B’s tweets have been discussed by by the likes of ESPN and NBA TV, Sports Illustrated and Dime Magazine. It also wouldn’t be life without a host of tweets and memes that surfaced again on the internet.

Perhaps the most important one, if you believe in it, is the final Lil B tweet when the Thunder lost the series.

Is there a true Lil B curse? We may never know. But what we do know is that Kevin Durant and the Thunder are good at getting close to glory, and haven’t quite figured out how to make it over the final hump.

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