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Lil B says Clippers aren’t cursed

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The Los Angeles Clippers have had their fair share of troubles through the years. They’ve always had underachieving teams despite possessing plenty of talent, and in recent years were sold due to owner Donald Sterling‘s racist antics, which may have been a good thing in the end.

For years after being considered in the shadow of the storied Los Angeles Lakers franchise, they have been the better team in Los Angeles following the acquisition of Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets.

Since that time they have qualified for the postseason every single year, but have failed to advance to the Western Conference Finals despite having the franchise’s best team ever.

Far too many times have their hopes been dashed by injuries to key players including this season when star Blake Griffin went down again with a toe injury in Game 3 of the opening round of the 2017 NBA playoffs.

That domino dropping has sparked talk that the team should blow up their core due to their inability to gain postseason success. The Clippers are intent to keep the team together despite this year and prior years of disappointment, and some even wonder if the franchise is cursed.

It goes beyond player superstitions in particular, but when it comes to curses on anyone in the NBA, the only name that has surfaces is rapper Lil B’s, who has claimed to have cursed a few players, and again recently Rockets star James Harden.

Whether it’s real or not, Harden has been the center of harsh criticism after a complete meltdown in Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals.

Lil B takes credit for the star’s collapse and is apparently believed in by FanSided’s Clipperholics who urged Lil B on Twitter to lift the curse from the Clippers.

His response was a simple retort to the notion that the team is cursed.

Curse or no curse, the Clippers future remains in question, and the only thing that will change the perception of the team is winning.

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