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Lions QB Matthew Stafford chased down and tackled player that picked him off in practice

Matthew Stafford, Lions

Training camp is in full swing for the Detroit Lions. Quarterback Matthew Stafford appears to be in a mid-season mentality after doing something you don’t want to see your quarterback doing – especially in training camp.

According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com, Stafford threw an interception to linebacker Jahlani Tavai – then chased him down and tackled him.

It seems like Stafford’s in that mid-season mentality of going after the guy who intercepted it. A lot of the times a QB is the last line of defense but don’t go after the defender as to not risk injury. That’s something a lot of people don’t agree with.

However, this is training camp. Not to be a party-pooper but Stafford should have gone to the sideline after throwing the pick. There are two glaring reasons for that.

First off, he’s wearing a red jersey. Players literally aren’t allowed to hit him. If players aren’t allowed to hit him, you’d imagine the coaches don’t want him initiating contact either. The whole point is to protect him.

Second (coming off that same train of thought), there’s no need to add injury risk. Matthew Stafford is the franchise quarterback of the Detroit Lions. They need him under center this year if they plan on winning games. Having him get hurt in training camp because he decided to tackle someone would be such a humiliating blow to the team.

Let’s look at this in a positive light, though. It seems like Matthew Stafford’s having fun. You also now know he’s not afraid of anyone and won’t back down from the challenge of tackling someone. So if he ever finds himself between a defender and the end zone, he might go for the hit stick.