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Lions QB Matthew Stafford’s wife goes off on refs on Instagram after loss to Aaron Rodgers

Matthew Stafford, Lions, Packers, Aaron Rodgers

Detroit Lions fans have plenty of ammo after Monday night’s controversial loss to the Green Bay Packers. With the top spot in the division on the line, the Lions were on the wrong side of three bogus calls.

The first of which was the ever sensitive pass interference subject when Marvin Jones Jr. was clearly held up by Packers cornerback Will Redmond but received no flag on the play. What followed was even worse, as defensive end Trey Flowers was called for two separate hands to the face penalties against lineman David Bakhtiari. Replay showed that Flowers never touched Bakhtiari’s facemask or neck area, essentially costing Detroit the game.

The upheaval from Lions fans was lead by quarterback Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly. Commenting on a picture of Rodgers posted on the NFL official account, Kelly stated, “They are missing their most valuable players of the night in this picture…,”.

This was obviously a game Matthew Stafford wishes he could have had, with his wife in the stands after recovering from brain surgery and Stafford wearing a “Kelly Strong” bracelet; it was clearly a meaningful game for the Stafford household.

While the Lions have a right to complain, with the penalties being called in crucial moments of the game and the number one spot in the division on the line, they can only move forward to their Week 7 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.