Lou Williams is a good friend of LeBron James. The former NBA star proved just that as he refused to snitch on the Los Angeles Lakers star's birthday party.

Williams attended an Overtime Elite game recently and was asked about LeBron's party and if anything “crazy” happened. The Lakers forward celebrated his 38th birthday last December 30, and Williams was one of the guests who was seen in the occasion.

The 36-year-old, however, didn't take the bait and said, “I ain't see nothing man.”

Now that's a friend right there. It would have been understandable if Lou Williams fell to the trap question considering that it came out of nowhere and he might be too excited to share some details about the experience, but he didn't.

LeBron James' birthday party was widely talked about around the NBA, especially since he made history on the same day with an incredible 47-10-9 performance against the Atlanta Hawks. With the vibes he had, one can only assume a lot happened in his grand celebration with family and friends.

Unfortunately for the interviewer, he also didn't get what would have been an incredible scoop and an exclusive look at what transpired behind the scenes during James' party.

With what Williams did, though, it's safe to say he earned another invite to the next birthday party or whatever event the Lakers superstar will host–whenever that will be.