Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic is already ranked as one of the league’s top 10 players. The kid is barely old enough to drink, and he’s already a more-than-fringe MVP candidate. He has more triple doubles than most NBA players will ever have double doubles. He is also reportedly one of the most charming personalities in the NBA, but in news that is sure to break the heart of referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich and possibly thousands of fans: Dude’s taken. In this post, we’ll be looking at Luka Doncic’s girlfriend Anamaria Goltes.

Luka Doncic’s Girlfriend Anamaria Goltes


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More specifically, Luka Doncic is taken by Goltes, a fellow Slovenian. The couple has been solidly together since 2018, and seeing as they don’t make headlines too often, are probably one of the league’s more stable romantic pairings among the league’s youngest generation of stars (here’s looking at you, Devin Booker and Ben Simmons, play nice now). With that being said, not a lot of fans really know the story of the two lovebirds, or even about Goltes in general. Let’s remedy that.

In an interview with the New York Post, Goltes and Luka Doncic are apparently childhood friends who go all the way back to their preteen years, meeting as early as 12 years old in Croatia. Goltes went further to say that they still keep that same small group of friends from what is now around a decade ago.

Since then, the two managed to keep their friendship as both started to physically drift away from one another: Luka Doncic, of course, went on to an extremely young career in Real Madrid’s development system, while Goltes initially opted to go to school close to home, following her father’s footsteps by attending the University of Ljubljana. Eventually, her career as a dancer and model (she was initially scouted by international agency IMG’s Instagram-based ‘We Love Your Genes’ activation) brought her to the United States.

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As Luka Doncic knows, Goltes continues to use her platform to promote fitness, primarily based out of Instagram (136,000 followers). This career as a creator regularly has her travelling to this day, most recently to Mykonos, Greece.

The two eventually started dating in 2016, before a brief split in 2018, just prior to Luka Doncic getting drafted by the Dallas Mavericks. Since then, the two have gotten back together, and most recently have hunkered down in Dallas to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the amount of travel both undertake in their respective careers, odds are that the past year had a noted silver lining for the both of them, enabling the couple to be together for longer than they would have been.

Luka Doncic was waiting out the pandemic pre-bubble, and Goltes couldn’t travel due to a number of restrictions at the time.

Goltes, by the way, does seem to enjoy Dallas. As she and Luka Doncic have continued to settle in with one another, she has continued to post daily updates on both Live sessions and Instagram Stories, directly interacting with her audience. According to the Post, she shared that Dallas actually reminds her of home.

Now, of course, Goltes is able to travel again, as evidenced by her recent trip to Mykonos, but its looking more and more like Dallas is starting to become something of a true base for the model and influencer. This indicates nothing but good news for the young couple ten years in the making going forward, and nothing but heartache for fans hoping against hope for Luka Doncic to turn his charm on them.

Who knows? Maybe Luka Doncic will have two rings to celebrate by the end of this year. Here’s rooting for the two lovebirds. Nonetheless, this is all the current information we have on Luka Doncic’s girlfriend Anamaria Golte.