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Video: Magic guard Shelvin Mack headed for Shaqtin-a-Fool appearance after failed pass

Shelvin Mack

The Orlando Magic have had a good start to this season, which, in retrospect, was nothing more than just an anomaly because by now, experts and fans alike consider this team as a joke. And if Orlando’s bottom-scraping record and a truckload of losses are not enough to make that point clear, let Orlando backup guard Shelvin Mack demonstrate how the team has been doing this season with this hilarious turnover only someone from the Magic (21-49) is probably capable of pulling off.

Mack was only trying to pass the ball forward, but instead ended up looking like the basketball equivalent of someone trying to blow bubbles in front of a fan. It was one of Orlando’s 15 errors in this game, which was right around their season average of 14.8 per contest.

The Boston Celtics are one of the toughest defensive teams in the NBA, but there was no traceable amount of pressure in this play that could have forced Mack to fumble the leather in that manner. Were his palms sweaty? Maybe, but it’s just the closing seconds of the first quarter, and it’s not like the Magic’s playoffs chances were on the line here.

It should not also come as a surprise that Orlando lost the game, 92-83, at home. Despite embarrassing himself in that play, Shelvin Mack managed to score 16 points and get seven rebound with three steals in 26 minutes off the bench.

The Magic have now lost six of their last seven outings, and will look to bounce back this coming Tuesday, when they host the Toronto Raptors at Amway Center.

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