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Manny Machado drops bombshell revelation on Yankees trade in 2018

Manny machado, New York Yankees

Manny Machado on the New York Yankees? According to Machado, it almost happened.

The current San Diego Padres superstar revealed that he believed he was going to be traded to New York in 2018. Instead, Machado was dealt from the Baltimore Orioles to the Los Angeles Dodgers. But Machado told reporters at Dodger Stadium that he was prepared to join the Yankees in 2018, per NJ.com

“I thought I was going there (to New York). I guess the trade didn’t go through and I went to the Dodgers. I don’t really know the full story, but I thought I was going there (Yankees).”

The dynamic of the league would drastically changed if Manny Machado had been dealt to the Yankees. He was familiar with New York since he played there often during his time in Baltimore.

“Me and New York go back a long time,” Machado said. “I played there (for Baltimore) and fans always showed me love. It’s a special place. … I thought I was going there and then it didn’t happen.”

Machado has since found a permanent home in San Diego with the Padres following a short Dodgers tenure.

He later discussed the current state of the Yankees.

“They’re the No. 1 team in baseball right now, and to see what Judge is doing and my boy Nestor doing a great job … it’s awesome to see.”

Manny Machado seems to be fond of the Yankees. But he will look to defeat them on Tuesday as he prepares for the 2022 MLB All-Star Game.