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Marvel’s Avengers Fans are upset over Thor’s MCU outfit

Marvel's Avengers Thor MCU Square Enix Crystal Dynamics

Marvel’s Avengers fans are quite disappointed about how Thor’s Endgame skin doesn’t include Stormbreaker.

In an effort to save what many gamers consider a dead game, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have been slowly releasing the Marvel Cinematic Universe skins for the game’s iconic heroes. Skins like the Mark 85 for Iron Man and the Endgame suit for Black Widow.

Now, the highly-anticipated Endgame Thor skin has finally arrived. Pretty exciting right? Well, some fans aren’t that pleased with the outcome. Apparently, everyone was waiting for Stormbreaker to finally debut in the game. All we got, however, was Mjolnir.

Now don’t get them wrong, Mjolnir is pretty awesome. But it just doesn’t make sense for Endgame Thor to be wielding it. If they had made the skin look like Bro Thor from the final moments of the film, then maybe it would have made more sense. 

Because of this whole debacle, fans have been slamming the skin left and right all over Twitter. Some fans are saying that it just looks like someone cosplaying Thor or that it should have just been delayed a little while longer so that they could include Stormbreaker. 

Other fans however are defending the skin with some of them saying that it’s an instant buy for them. To be completely fair, the skin does look awesome. But just imagine the perfect milkshake without the cherry on top. It just doesn’t feel quite right. It’s incomplete. 

Marvel’s Avengers is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.