Matthew Stafford: 3 bold predictions for the Lions QB in Week 10 vs. Bears
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Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford: 3 bold predictions for the Lions QB in Week 10 vs. Bears

The Detroit Lions are coming off a loss to the Oakland Raiders that came down to the wire. That loss put their record at 3-4-1 through nine weeks of the season.

Now, they face off with the Chicago Bears in Week 10. While the Bears have been disappointing overall (3-5), that defense is still as formidable as ever.

Will that create issues for Matthew Stafford? The Detroit quarterback is having a phenomenal year, but can he overcome the Chicago defense?

Here are three bold predictions for Lion’ quarterback in Week 10 against the Bears.

300-Plus Passing Yards

Matthew Stafford, Lions


300-plus passing yards in a game might not seem all that crazy for Stafford. The reason for that is because the Lions’ quarterback is averaging 312.4 passing yards per game.

However, the Bears are only allowing 230.1 passing yards a game.

So this is a battle of a fantastic defense going up against a quarterback who can throw it on anyone.

Stafford has thrown for over 300 yards in three straight games — including 400 yards in his last game.

Meanwhile, Chicago has only allowed one 300-yard game all year from a quarterback. That would be all the way back in Week 3 (surprisingly against the Washington Redskins and Case Keenum).

The struggle of Chicago’s offense could tire out the defense though. Stafford will throw it a ton and break through the Bears’ defense for another big game.

Three-Plus Touchdown Passes

Matthew Stafford, Lions

Those 300-plus passing yards are not going to be without some extra substance. Stafford will find his way into the end zone quite often.

The crazy thing about three touchdown passes is that this is just another day at the office for Stafford.

His last three weeks have seen him throw for four touchdowns, three touchdowns and three touchdowns. So if he hits for another three in Week 10, he’s just staying on par with his usual play.

Due to that type of regular performance from Stafford, you can overlook the Chicago defense a bit. Usually, three touchdown passes against this defense would seem too insane to consider. Stafford is on another level right now though. He’s already one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and in recent weeks he’s playing even better.

With the stretch he’s in right now, it almost seems irresponsible to not predict a bunch of touchdowns from Stafford.

Spreads the Ball Around

Matthew Stafford, Kenny Golladay, Lions, Giants


The Lions have one of the better, more underrated receiving corps in the NFL. At tight end, rookie T.J. Hockenson has looked solid so far. He adds an extra element to the offense and takes a little bit of pressure off the rest of the players.

Then there are the receivers. Kenny Golladay is one of the most electric receivers in football. Marvin Jones Jr. is a mixture of everything and a very reliable target. Finally, Danny Amendola is one of the most consistent and reliable receivers in football.

Those three combine for a lethal trio. Golladay is the deep threat. But he can also fill it up with a ton of receptions.

Jones can do it all, and has already proven that he will absolutely light up the box score at any moment.

Then there’s Amendola, who consistently gets open and will almost never drop a pass. He’s the definition of a possession receiver.

Those four create a lot of options for Stafford, and he’s used them well so far.

With Chicago’s elite defense, it will be smart for the quarterback to not zero in on one receiver. So he will spread the ball around a ton to keep them on their toes, and it will work.