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Chris Paul reacts to the Mavs’ awesome balcony party

Mavs, Luka Doncic, Mark Cuban

Oklahoma City Thunder veteran point guard Chris Paul heaped praise on the players of the Dallas Mavericks for their recent balcony party at the Walt Disney World. Mavs big man Maxi Kleber recently shared a hilarious video of himself, along with some of his teammates, making the most out of their socially distanced situation.

Before anything else, here is the aforementioned video, which unsurprisingly, has already gone viral:

The Mavs, much like the other participating teams in the Florida bubble, have already made their way to Disney World. The players decided to make light of the unprecedented situation by making a fun video, which is enough to induce a smile from anyone who sees the clip.

Chris Paul, who is currently the president of the National Basketball Players Association, was obviously delighted with the type of attitude the Mavs players have opted to enter the bubble with.

Ever since teams began entering the Disney World bubble, fans have seen a fair amount of complaints and negative comments from the players themselves, so this Mavs balcony party is certainly a welcome change of pace.

The bubble is by no means perfect, and it will certainly be a challenge for the players to navigate what will be a difficult next couple of months. However, as Paul described above, acts such as these one from Dallas should be able to uplift the spirits of everyone within the bubble, as they all hope to get through this in one piece.