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Kevin Garnett credits Mavs boss Mark Cuban for changing how owners treat players

Mavs, Mark Cuban, Kevin Garnett

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is one of the most passionate and vocal owners in the NBA. Fans may know him for his courtside antics, but not a lot of others know the Mavs boss for the innovations he brought onto the league.

Kevin Garnett revealed that the Shark Tank star started something that would eventually become the gold standard for any decently-run basketball franchise throughout the league: he started serving good food to players and staff of both teams.

The former Minnesota Timberwolves forward talked about his playing days with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson for their All The Smokepodcast. While KG was talking about how quick Dirk was to adjust to the physicality of the league, he immediately talked about the innovation Cuban did with the Mavs that other franchises quickly adapted.

Mark Cuban quickly retweeted the clip, thanking Kevin Garnett for the high praise he showered him with.

Nowadays, it does seem wrong that franchises don’t give visiting players the proper nutrition that should be given to them every game, but that was definitely the trend before Cuban changed the game. It’s thanks to this small initiative by Cuban that the Mavs became an organization a lot of players have come to respect.

The innovative, forward-thinking mentality of Cuban is ingrained to the Mavs culture, and the way they are handling their basketball at the moment is a testament to that. Cuban is the type of team owner many sports fans would kill to have.