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Luka Doncic’s former teammate throws shade at Michael Porter Jr. after overrated issue

luka doncic, michael porter jr

Luka Doncic and Michael Porter Jr. haven’t even played in a single NBA game yet they’re already involved in some controversy. The Dallas Mavericks rookie’s former teammate threw some shade at the Denver Nuggets forward after the latter liked a comment saying that Doncic is overrated.

Dino Radoncic, Doncic’s teammate in Real Madrid, caught sight of the news that Porter liked the comment. He retaliated by stating facts about Doncic’s EuroLeague achievements. But Radoncic didn’t just protect the Mavs guard. He also stretched out a jab at Porter and his injury history.

Radoncic’s behavior is understandable. He’s not teammates with Doncic anymore but the relationship they’ve forged in Real Madrid would last a lifetime. He’s aware of the pressure that Doncic is up against being a former EuroLeague MVP and as the second overall pick in the NBA.

On the other hand, Porter just might be sending out a message. To recall, weeks leading up to the draft, his draft stock rose up to the top three. But as more information about his injury history resurfaced, NBA teams turned iffy if he’s really worth it or not.

But in reality, Doncic and Porter are standing on even ground. Due to contract obligations with Real Madrid, Doncic didn’t get to suit up for the Summer League. Porter Jr., meanwhile, had to nurse his injury. Not a single NBA fan has gotten a glimpse of what these two are capable of in the NBA level.

Though most polls and critics eye Doncic to win Rookie of the Year, one cannot discount Porter Jr. — who once was the best high school player in the nation.