Mavs news: Salah Mejri working on his shooting, attempting 500 3-pointers a day
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Salah Mejri working on his shooting, attempting 500 3-pointers a day

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The three-point revolution in the NBA is alive and well. And yet… it may have jumped the shark. Salah Mejri, the lumbering 32-year-old center of the Dallas Mavericks is not particularly well-known for his penchant to bomb from deep. In fact, Mejri has a career three-point attempt rate of .088 percent per Basketball Reference.

Mejri is known more of his huge size (7-foot-2, 235 pounds) and ability to finish around the rim on offense and protect the rim on defense.

However, with the retirement of Dirk Nowitzki after a storied, legendary career – with all 21 of his seasons coming as a member of the Mavs – the team will likely be looking for a mammoth big man that can step out to the three-point line and bomb triples for long-range.

Sure, they already have Kristaps Porzingis in the fold and they might be able to poach away Brook Lopez in free agency, but what if there was another answer? What if a three-point-shooting Mejri was the future of the NBA?

Per a story on by Dwain Price, Mejri is putting up “500 shots a day” from the three-point line this offseason, which is surprising considering his career-high in triple attempts came last year with a titanic… 34.

Mejri’s full quote about his offseason workout is below:

“I will warm up with some twos and pick-and-rolls and floaters, but the workout for 45 minutes to an hour is based on threes,” Salah Mejri said. “I’ve been working on them and I’m going to keep working on them. I’m shooting close to 500 shots a day – maybe more.”