Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is trending on Twitter as “Narc Cuban” after he asked who's watching the Miami Heat-Boston Celtics game on an illegal stream.

The Celtics and the Heat met in the TD Garden on Monday night as the C's stormed from a 3-0 deficit, now having the chance to make the first ever reverse sweep in NBA history.

The game, broadcasted on TNT, was figured to bring in a lot of ratings because of the stakes at hand and the teams involved, mainly the Celtics. For the most part, TV ratings shouldn't really matter to those who doesn't work for the league or the TV networks. But for the Mavs owner, it matters because he profits directly from those broadcast deals and with a new one coming up, he probably keeps an eye for how these playoffs are doing.

That's why when he asked who was watching the game on an illegal, pirated stream, it drew a lot of attention on Twitter:

As of writing, that tweet has 5.7 million views, over 6,800 replies, and almost 4,700 quote tweets roasting Cuban for trying to get people to snitch on themselves to someone who makes money off of people watching games through traditional broadcasts — with “Narc Cuban” trending on Twitter.

Even if Mark Cuban is just honestly trying to figure out how prevalent it is for people to watch illegal streams, he’s one of the people who no one would actually tell that to because he’s one of the few who has reason to seek legal action against those streams.