Mavs rumors: Dallas interested in Andre Iguodala, but has little to offer Grizzlies
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Rumor: Mavs interested in Andre Iguodala, but has little to offer Grizzlies

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The Dallas Mavericks are among the outside teams that could pursue Andre Iguodala, but they find themselves in a tough position to make the Memphis Grizzlies a compelling offer, according to Tim Cato of The Athletic.

Cato was one of the five reporters asked about potential interest, and while the Mavs would surely be interested in beefing up their depth at the small forward slot, they would be forced to give up some talented pieces to net his services.

“Given that, it’s clear that the Mavericks absolutely have interest in Iguodala for the right price,” Cato told colleague Omari Sankofa II of The Athletic, who cover the Grizzlies beat. “The position they are weakest at is the 3; excluding Doncic, who will have the ball in his hands most of the time when he’s on the court, the wings are made up of Tim Hardaway Jr., Justin Jackson, and Dorian Finney-Smith. Adding Iguodala would certainly help.”

The Mavs would lose the scoring firepower of Doncic once he hits the bench, but the defense and playmaking would be solid with Iguodala getting immediate backup minutes — a situation that works for him and the franchise.

Yet realistically speaking, the Grizzlies are hoping to cash in big by trading Iguodala, not merely content with the first-rounder they got from the Golden State Warriors to haul in his $17 million contract, but also wanting another one in a trade.

“Dallas might have interest, but it has little to offer,” Cato noted. “Jalen Brunson might be movable in the right deal, but this certainly isn’t the one. Perhaps Dallas could flip Jackson or Finney-Smith, intriguing young(ish) players, but the coaching staff loves them both. You don’t become deeper at wing by trading one. Dallas has Courtney Lee’s expiring contract, but Iguodala comes off the book(s) next summer, too, so that’s a no-go. And all the team’s first-round picks are accounted for due to the Porzingis trade, unless Memphis wants the 2025 Dallas first-rounder. Hmm. That, most likely, is the best single asset Dallas would consider.”

Dallas could also thread the needle on a three-team trade, but that is grasping at straws considering Iguodala is a complementary piece and not a star worth spinning the wheel for.