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Metta World Peace releases his second rap album

Metta World Peace is taking the opportunity this summer to pursue one of his passions.

Back in 2006, the St. John’s product launched his first rap album, with the title “My World”. 11 years after, he has once again recorded some songs and released another one.

The 12-track album is called “Where We At” and is available on iTunes, with the carrier single “Just Ball” included in it.

The song gives his fans a better understanding of where he stands now late in his basketball career. He had made it known his intentions to continue playing in his advanced age of 37-years-old despite many believing that he should already hang his sneakers for good.

“Just because it seems I retired from the ball doesn’t mean homie ain’t balling no more. Coming from New York, dog, all we do is ball. Popping all these bottles, not retired, I just ball.”

Although the Lakers have informed him that he will most likely not be brought back next season, World Peace has not given up on his career yet. He plans to play two or three more years for another chance to win a championship. For now, he can focus on his music, but as the next campaign nears, it can be expected that he’ll once again work on his conditioning in an attempt to receive an offer from a team that will need his veteran leadership.