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Michael Jordan Had Vetoed A Trade Of Scottie Pippen For Tracy McGrady In 1997

“Boys Among Men” is a book by Jonathan Abrams who is a New York Times best selling author. He currently works at Bleacher Report and is a well respected basketball junkie.

In his book, published just a couple of months ago, details the extremely talented NBA prospects who had jumped straight from high school to the NBA. In “Boys Among Men”, Jonathan Abrams details how there was a trade pending between the Bulls and Raptors that would swap Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady, but Michael Jordan told the team not to do it.

Yesterday, on ESPN’s The Jump, Tracy McGrady confirmed those rumors:

The Chicago Bulls won the 1998 NBA Finals with Scottie Pippen being an integral part of that team. The Raptors, unfortunately, didn’t re-sign Tracy McGrady once he hit free agency and missed out on his prime.

It’s interesting to think how the landscape of the NBA’s future would change if this trade would have gone through.

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