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Michael Rapaport goes off on Donald Trump defending Stephen Curry, Colin Kaepernick

Stephen Curry

It’s pretty insane how President Donald Trump managed to make both the NBA and NFL worlds go against him all over the media. His infamous tweet uninviting Stephen Curry to the White House coupled with the dismissal of NFL players peacefully protesting institutional inequality has put him in a negative light among many sports fans and players.

Even Michael Rapaport erupted like a volcano in a Twitter video aiming to back up Curry and Colin Kaepernick. Rapaport is known for his stark opinions and his ability to share them in the most vulgar fashion.

Clearly, Rapaport wants this media madness curated by Donald Trump to end. Tensions in the U.S. continually rise with one fiasco trumping the next.

Hold on to your seats everybody, because this show is going to be renewed until January 2020. It’ll be up to the voting process in the next election to see who takes the helm of this great country.