A new Midnight Suns trailer just dropped, and it shows off Doctor Strange's Arcane powers in the Doctor Strange Character Showcase.

Midnight Suns Doctor Strange Character Showcase Trailer

A new trailer for Midnight Suns just dropped and it showcases the arcane powers of the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange.

Midnight Suns is the upcoming turn-based tactical strategy game by Firaxis Games and Virtuos. Played like XCOM but with roguelike elements and deck-building card game mechanics, Midnight Suns is set to offer a more tactical approach compared to other Marvel video games. In this new trailer, we see the skills and abilities that Doctor Strange has access to in Midnight Suns.

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In Midnight Suns, Doctor Strange is a support character with the ability to heal, conceal, or enhance the abilities of his teammates. He can also restore combat items that have already been consumed, making him a valuable asset and giving your team strong recursion. He can also replenish the team's Heroism, allowing your team to stay on the offensive against the enemy. Doctor Strange pairs best with teams that don't use a lot of Heroism, as Doctor Strange can cast devastating spells that use up the team's Heroism points – so there shouldn't be anyone else in the team competing with him in consuming Heroism.

Doctor Strange can save a lot of allies from danger. His spell Vapors of Valtorr will conceal himself or an ally and restoring health, helping them out in a pinch. In case the entire team is in danger, Doctor Strange can also cast Shield of the Seraphim in Midnight Suns. Using this spell will grant resist to all allies, blocking incoming damage. It's the ultimate save that can really help in surviving the toughest encounters.

In Midnight Suns, Doctor Strange can also dish out heavy damage. His Heroic Ability Seven Suns of the Cinnibus deals devastating damage in a large area of effect, easily clearing up hordes of enemies who have foolishly congregated together.

Midnight Suns will be coming out on October 7, 2022. For a complete list of all playable characters in the game, check out our article on the Midnight Suns Roster.