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Mike Daniels, Danny Amendola both missed Wednesday’s Lions practice

Mike Daniels, Danny Amendola

The Detroit Lions have a big game coming up as they prepare to face the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs. However, they may have to play against such strong opposition without either defensive tackle Mike Daniels or wide receiver Danny Amendola on their roster.

Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk reported that they were the only players on the team to sit out of practice due to their condition. It’s still not sure whether the team would risk them and get them to play without making a full recovery.

Danny Amendola did not take part in Wednesday’s practice. The team lists Amendola with a chest injury.

Defensive tackle Mike Daniels was the only other Lions player out of practice. He had a protective boot on his foot after last Sunday’s game.

Daniels had his foot checked after the team’s upset win over the Philadelphia Eagles and showed no cracked bones. However, the team may have made the right decision in not rushing the one-time Pro-Bowler to rush his recovery and play against the Chiefs.

Meanwhile, Amendola is still out with the chest injury he had during the same game. He was a part of the offense during the team’s win, making four receptions for a total of 37 yards.

While they aren’t important starters, they still provide meaningful coverage that the team will surely miss. Daniels is an especially important player as their depth at the position is not that great.

The Lions will be coming into the game with incredible amounts of hype. They have not lost any of their first three games of the season. However, their upcoming matchups are against the Chiefs, the Green Bay Packers, and the Minnesota Vikings. If they put on an impressive enough performance, there’s no more reason for anyone to not believe the hype.

It would be great if the Lions come up big against Kansas City. It would be terrific if they have both Amendola and Daniels ready to play for it.