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Mitch Kupchak expects more wins than last season for young Lakers

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The Lakers have been hard to watch the last few years, particularly the last three seasons, as they sank further and further down the rankings.

They have been a lottery team since the 2013-14 season, which also happened to be the first time the Lakers missed the playoffs in nine years. This past season was by far the hardest as they set a franchise record for fewest wins in a season with a measly 17 victories.

Times are tough in Tinsel Town, and this is unfamiliar territory for Lakers fans. For a franchise that has grown so accustomed to winning, lounging in mediocrity has left a bitter taste.

However, all is not lost yet. There has been some silver lining to the recent loss-filled seasons. Each of the last three seasons, the Lakers have not had a pick higher than seventh overall – the one higher pick leading to Julius Randle.

Jordan Clarkson was also picked up in that draft class, but towards the tail end of the second round. Both of these young guns are developing into promising players, with Clarkson taking great leaps in his game and Randle averaging a double-double in his first full season.

In addition to that, the number two pick from the 2015 draft, D’Angelo Russell, progressed impressively throughout last season and is looking to take that next step this season. And finally of course, the number two pick from this year, Brandon Ingram, is looking to make a huge impact immediately this season partnering up with this very young and promising core – although he’ll be coming off the bench.

Mitch Kupchak’s Lakers outlook

Keeping all of this in mind, general manager Mitch Kupchak‘s comments on win expectations for next year should not come as too surprising.

The Lakers GM spoke with the media before they had the first day of training camp and had some interesting things to say.

The Lakers have a lot of great young talent paired up with experienced veterans. Getting more than 17 wins should be expected of this squad. It’s not unfair to think this team could possibly get close to thirty wins this coming season.

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