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Dodgers coach Dave Roberts gets brutally honest on Cody Bellinger amid season slump

Cody Bellinger, Dave Roberts, Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Cody Bellinger has had an uncharacteristically bad hitting season. But Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has some wise advice for the struggling Bellinger.

Per Dodgers Nation, Roberts had this to say about how Bellinger can break out of his slump:

“I think the number one thing is a reset as far as where we’re at in September and make this his season. I think that when you try to chase numbers to salvage a season statistically, that can be hard and a toll.”

It can be tough for someone as good as Bellinger to suddenly have a terrible hitting streak, and confusing for fans of the Dodgers. His batting average sits at .170 this season. It’s a far cry from his .305 peak two years ago or even his career average of .260. He has also only 32 runs batted in compared to his 265 at-bats this year. From a player that was the Most Valuable Player in 2019, it’s surely a disappointing performance, especially for LA fans.

However, as Roberts said in his quote, Bellinger shouldn’t focus too much about his statistical struggles. Instead, he should just play his game out and reset. The Dodgers manager goes on to point out a big play from Bellinger in their opening game that helped them tremendously.

“Even last night, we’re probably down a couple more runs if he doesn’t make that play in center field in the early part of the game. So just doing whatever he can to help us win a ballgame,” Roberts added.

Dodgers fans are hoping that the inspiring words from Roberts, a former outfielder himself, will help Bellinger regain his MVP form.