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Twitter goes bonkers over Padres acquiring Juan Soto, Josh Bell from Nationals ahead of MLB trade deadline

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It is finally happening. Juan Soto is on his way to the next chapter of his still-young MLB career, as the San Diego Padres won the Juan Soto sweepstakes as they are set to acquire the 23-year-old Dominican from the Washington Nationals.

The Nationals are also getting themselves a huge haul in return for Juan Soto. The Padres, who will also be receiving first baseman Josh Bell in this trade, are sending to Washington rookie shortstop C.J. Abrams, southpaw MacKenzie Gore, prospect Robert Hassell III, pitcher Jarlin Susana, and another prospect in James Wood. In addition, San Diego is reportedly also sending Eric Hosmer to the Nationals, though the veteran slugger appears to be holding up the deal. In any case, this trade is almost good as done, with some minor wrinkles to iron out.

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers were among the teams also linked to Juan Soto but apparently did not excite the Nationals as much as the Padres have. The Cardinals might have actually landed Juan Soto if not for their insistence on not including Dylan Carlson.

And as expected, MLB Twitter is getting flooded with an explosion of reactions.

Here are some of them.

Apart from his obvious talent at the plate, what makes Soto so much of a tantalizing asset to have is his being under team control for two more years beyond the 2022 MLB season.

With Juan Soto on his way to the Padres, the brightness of San Diego’s future has reached blinding levels.